Nefful’s history is a long, proud one based on quality of life for our consumers and distributors, and the premium quality of the products that we provide. Founded in 1973 by successful, Japanese entrepreneur, Hisami Kamijo, Nefful has grown to become a global organization. Sustained expansion continues under the direction and leadership of Chairman, Toshiya Kamijo, and today, Nefful is proud to have more than 600,000 product distributors situated world wide.

In the shadow of Japan’s beautiful Mount Fuji, during the company’s early years, intensive, in-house research and development led to a product line of premium quality undergarments with unique body-shaping features. Employing the well-established “home party” marketing model, by 1975 Nefful had grown to include tens of thousands of dedicated customers, many of whom recognized the business opportunity Nefful offered and became part of our distributor family. In 1979, the company introduced its Nefflon product line – garments, bedding and accessories that employ negative ion technology to enhance good health, increase vitality and improve focus. The popularity of these unique, health-based products produced a skyrocketing expansion of Nefful distributors eager to help their friends and associates feel better physically and emotionally. The company grew quickly, branching out to Taiwan in 1989, the U.S. in 2002, Hong Kong in 2005 and Malaysia in 2006, delivering the same high standards of quality goods and services, and today, we’re pleased to see our products helping millions of people live more satisfying lives. Once a year, Nefful organizes its Annual Awards Ceremony to honor those who have contributed to the lives of others, while improving their own lives. At these ceremonies, the company’s most successful, innovative Nefful distributors are recognized, with the topmost producers inducted into the elite Diamond Club. The future of the company, and its expanding network of distributors, looks brighter than ever with new products being added to the Nefful line, new entrepreneurs joining our expanding company organization, and more consumers discovering the health-delivering benefits of all of Nefful’s products.


Nefflon’s Awards

Nefful is committed to providing an innovative solution to the complexity of health problems. Nefflon, one of Nefful’s exclusive product lines provides many great health enhancing benefits. Included in the Nefflon blend is Teviron, winner of the highest honor in the fiber industry the Okochi Award (1959), the Onshi Invention Award (1960), and the Chemistry Technological Award (1961). NEFFLON has improved the lives of many people throughout the United States and around the world. View our Awards page >

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