NEFFUL USA ANNUAL AWARDS: Celebrating a Year’s Worth of Achievements

A spectacular, fun, and honorable event for a year’s worth of success is just one of the ways to describe our Annual Award celebration. Nefful USA is always excited when it comes time for our annual awards. It’s a special time of the year, when we recognize all the achievements our distributors have accomplished and proclaim new goals for the following year. With motivation, inspiration, and gratitude in mind, we like to give our distributors an annual theme, a clear uplifting message to help them aspire in making their dreams come true. This is especially important when choosing top-of-the-line venues with exceptional food, entertainment, and not to mention a brilliant atmosphere. We like giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes and gifts, and sharing the latest knowledge about our products and the direct selling industry during our General Sessions and Workshops. We want nothing but the best for our distributors and guests, and always wish them many highly productive years to come.


The Mission To Celebrate

Honoring our most treasured awardees and acknowledging their success is Nefful’s top priority. We go to great lengths to show our appreciation and admiration to match our distributors’ level of achievements. Our Award Shows and Events have become anticipated and a famous attraction to our many potential prospects around the world. We work hard to provide excellent venues, top performers, and most of all, the Nefful Awards, which praise our awardees and their year in excellence and distributorship performance. Annual Awards are presented for outstanding individuals or collective efforts, and include 6 main categories: NET Promotion, AGM Achiever Award, AGM Leadership Award, AM Award, AGM Promotion, and Sales Award. This collection of awards is always an exciting presentation. They represent the obtainable challenge of mastering the Network Marketing Industry, and the Nefful commitment to provide a healthy future and financial independence. Our Annual Awards celebration has been held since 2003 in the USA. Each year we look forward to a bigger celebration than the last. We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements and praise your Nefful success!