Nefful is your opportunity… and we help you succeed!

At NEFFUL, we offer innovative health products that spark a world of success and unlimited potential. We help individuals obtain their goals, dreams and aspirations of financial freedom through creativity and dedication. NEFFUL is your opportunity to gain control, confidence and create an environment of health, fulfillment, and success. With Home-Party Model and Network Marketing, we have blazed forward as an international business and have grown into a proud distributorship of 600,000 members. We have a proven revenue model and we have helped thousands of distributor partnerships grow into successful NEFFUL teams. Join a successful organization and become an architect of change in your own life and the health of others. Here at NEFFUL, we help you achieve the quality of life you have always desired.

The Nefful Business Plan

A proactive attitude towards substantial growth, success, and financial independence is all you need to become a successful NEFFUL distributor! Just contact our headquarters and we’ll get you started with everything you’ll need. We are here to help you succeed.


You can learn from the success of other NEFFUL distributors. As you learn, you’ll see your earnings improve through consumer sales and through the sales of the new distributors you recruit. The more distributors you have in your organization, the more you earn. That puts you in control of your own success.

Nefful Executive Top (NET) Leader

The Nefful Executive Top Leader (NET) rank is given to Area General Managers who achieve $3,333,333 (3.3 M) in Annual Volume (NETAV) during a 1 year period (January 1st to December 31st the following year).

Area General Manager

The Area General Manager rank is given the following month to Area Managers Plus who meet the $200,000 Organization Volume in one (1) calendar month and develop & retain five (5) first-level Area Managers or Area Managers Plus.

Area Manager Plus

The Area Manager Plus rank is given the following month to Area Managers who develop and retain two (2) first-level Area Managers or Area Managers Plus.

Area Manager

The Area Manager rank is given to Managers who meet the $20,000 Organizational Volume requirement within three (3) consecutive calendar month period. Managers must also develop and retain two (2) first-level Managers.


The Manager rank is given to Consultants who earn $5,000 Organizational Volume within a three (3) consecutive calender month period.


The Consultant rank is given to new distributors.

Please read below to learn how you can succeed and obtain HEALTH, CONTROL, and WEALTH.


Be Your Own Story.

Since the NEFFUL story starts with our health products, becoming a customer is a critical step for a successful NEFFUL business distributor. Your credibility in recommending our products is based on your experience. No product purchase is necessary to join, but using the products is essential to the success and progress you plan to obtain with your business.



Be Your Own Boss.

Control your business and be your own boss. Plan your own work schedule and decide how to run your business and personal life. NEFFUL’s business plan allows flex-time to do the things you really care about. Plus you have the advantage of setting up your own convenient work place out of your own home. You schedule your own meetings, presentation, and deliver products on an appropriate schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Beyond Income. 

At NEFFUL, we define wealth in more than monetary terms. Once you sign up for NEFFUL, you become part of a family of independent business distributors committed to health, beauty, and success.

We encourage social camaraderie and building a network family who shares stories of impressive results and experiences from using NEFFUL products.

NEFFUL will give you the tools so you can help others enjoy the dream of business ownership with training presentations, product information and seminars. NEFFUL is a business where hard work is rewarded and your efforts are always valued.

We want you on our team.

Work From Home

Every day, people from all walks of life succeed and reach their potential and develop amazing business instincts. We value your experiences and we want YOU to use them to achieve your goals! NEFFUL USA offers more than products; we offer an alternative way to earn financial freedom. We help empower distributors and their families to reach their goals, and we provide hope despite boundaries of economics or education. More than 600,000 NEFFUL distributors worldwide have improved the quality of their lives by increasing their earning power – working from a home office and improving the lives of others. And you can do all these, too. NEFFUL’s business plan is ideal for:

  • Stay-at-home moms and dads
  • Part-time job holders
  • Retirees (or those planning on retirement soon)
  • Health and wellness professionals including personal trainers, physical therapists and others in the recuperative realms of medical science
  • College students
  • Experienced entrepreneurs
  • Independent sales representatives
  • Alternative medicine practitioners
  • Health and wellness store owners
  • Home healthcare workers
  • Current consumers of NEFFUL products

NEFFUL will help you every step of the way by providing on-going training, marketing support, success bonuses and achievement awards. NOW is the time to take control. NOW is the time to join NEFFUL.

Contact us by phone, or drop us an e-mail and we’ll send you more information about the endless possibilities with NEFFUL.

Quick Tips on How to Get People to Join Your Team

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When you’re ready to take your direct sales business to the next level, recruiting others to join your team is the place to start. You have the potential to create a steady income stream while helping people achieve their own financial goals. In today’s post, we suggest some ways to build your downline and grow your business.

  • Share great ideas that help everyone. Whether the idea is your own or someone else’s, if you think it will help others, don’t hesitate to share it with your prospects. While presenting your opportunity to a recruit, for example, share an idea for having a successful launch party that worked for you. Your method will help the recruit by giving him or her a jump start on the business, and it will help you by finding customers for your downline. By sharing great ideas that are mutually beneficial, you generate excitement and enthusiasm about your opportunity, which will in turn increase your chances of signing your prospect.
  • Do both big and small things to help make your team members’ lives better.  After a team member’s initial launch and first few months working the business, it can be easy to lose touch or at least frequent contact. One small way of making your team members’ lives better is to check in regularly with words of encouragement, a motivational quote, or even a little gift of appreciation. On a bigger scale, you might host a weekend brunch at your house or local restaurant to reward your team’s hard work and accomplishment. Take the initiative to be a positive force in their lives. You can recruit others to join your team by introducing them to people in your downline who will attest to your role in their professional lives.
  • Stay optimistic and enthusiastic. Even if a prospect seems skeptical, unsure, or even confused about the opportunity, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and enthusiastic outlook about the business. If you don’t falter, he or she will notice that you are confident enough not to be shaken by a possible rejection.
  • Always do the right thing. There may be times when you are faced with some sort of conflict or dilemma. One direct sales consultant was excited to sign her very first recruit, but it became clear during the presentation that this person was so eager that she didn’t think to ask a lot of important questions that might sway her decision about whether or not to sign with the company. The consultant was tempted to ignore that fact and let the recruit sign on the dotted line anyway, but she listened to her conscience and offered the important information to the recruit as well as a chance to ask more questions. The recruit wound up signing, but even if she hadn’t, doing the right thing will allow you to never have to look back at your past action and feel guilty. Direct sales is about helping people, so your actions should always reflect that.
  • Listen more than you talk. A prospect wants and NEEDS to be heard. He or she may want to tell you why joining this business is even a consideration. And although, he/she may have lots of questions for you and provide you with plenty of opportunity to speak, make sure that you are doing most of the listening. By truly listening to others, we can tune into what their message is, and find effective ways to help.
  • Stay humble. No matter how high you climb to the top of that proverbial ladder of success, ALWAYS stay humble. Remember that there are always improvements to be made and higher levels to reach. Continue helping those who are just starting out, take compliments with gratitude and grace, and pay it forward. Your sincere humility will increase your likeability and have a positive effect on your business.

Building your team requires a lot of preparation, patience, hard work, determination, and the right mindset. We hope our list above gives you some guidance in getting started. -Excerpt taken from the Direct Selling Education Foundation