Is there any age restriction in using Teviron/Neoron?

Teviron/Neoron is made with extremely refined fibers. There are no age restrictions in its use. It is recommended for pregnant women, since it contributes to a healthier infant’s growth. Also it is most beneficial for the elders since the Teviron/Neoron ‘s fibers help improve the aging symptoms and help maintain health conditions.

Can healthy people use Teviron/Neoron?

Two thousand years ago, a traditional Chinese medicine book recorded the Emperor Huang Medicine Theory, “Prevention is more important than the cure;” which is also advocated by modern medicine. With traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine agreeing on this point, both healthy and sick persons are able to wear Teviron/Neoron material for the purpose of prevention and maintaining their health.

Is Teviron/Neoron clothing suitable for all ages?

Teviron/Neoron is a very good fiber which is suitable for every age group. Teviron/Neoron clothing is safe and beneficial for women during pregnancy and will not harm the fetus and may also assist in proper fetus development. Teviron clothing is suitable for the elderly aged peoploe as it can improve on the aging symptoms. Teviron/Neoron clothing can help all ages to attain good health.

Why is Teviron/Neoron clothing safe?

If the index of oxygen in the air is less than LOI 24– (limit of oxygen index); many materials may be likely to burn. For example, if the LOI of cotton is at 19-21, it is combustible. The LOI of Teviron/Neoron is between 35-37; therefore, it is not flammable. Once Teviron/Neoron is exposed to fire, it will burn with a blackened color and give off an abnormal smell, and thus attracting our immediate attention. Teviron/Neoron material will not burn for long or ignite other things. Teviron/Neoron material has been determined to be fireproof in Japan. Therefore, Teviron/Neoron is a safety fiber. Teviron/Neoron fiber is considered to be healthy clothing and there are no side effects.

Can healthy individuals use Teviron/Neoron
In the ancient Chinese medicine reference book, Huang Di Medical Encyclopedia, there is already theory promoting prevention better than treatment. From this perspective, Teviron/Neoron users can either be individuals with health problems or perfect health conditions.

Is Teviron/Neoron material durable?

Though nothing lasts forever, the durability of the Teviron/Neoron material depends on proper care. Incorrect washing is the main cause of the Teviron/Neoron material wearing out, and proper washing way can prolong its use. If you care properly for your Teviron/Neoron material and keep it in good repair, its beneficial negative static electricity properties will not disappear.

Where are you products made?

Our NEFFLON and NEORON products are made and imported from Japan. Our NEWELL Nutritional Supplement and Nature’s Clean product lines are made in the USA. All of our products undergo strict quality control and standards that ensure the best final products for our distributors regardless the product’s country of origin.

What is Teviron/Neoron fiber?

Chloridated polyethylene is the raw material of Teviron/Neoron fiber. Chloridated polyethylene is extracted from petroleum, using acetone and benzene as solvents to make it fibrous. The main manufacturing place for Teviron/Neoron fiber is located in the Yamaguchi country of Japan.

What is the difference between Nefflon and Neoron Products?

Our Nefflon products are made with Teviron/Neoron fiber which supplies you with health benefits you never thought were possible. Our Neoron products are made with Neoron fiber and it was invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited. Neoron products retains all the same features as Teviron/Neoron (fibers used in Nefflon)- which are Superb Heat Insulation, Superior Moisture Permeability, Negative Static & Ions and Excellent Flame Retardancy.

Can I get the same products elsewhere?

NEFFUL USA is an exclusive distributor of all of our product lines and products. Although some companies or manufacturers might offer similar products, none compare to the quality that NEFFUL USA offers. Our products are

not sold in store shelves without a dedicated NEFFUL distributor behind it! Our distributors offer unique, exclusive products that can’t be imitated or replicated.

After a short time on the market in Japan, Teviron/Neoron fiber has had the honor of receiving three prizes, including the OKOUCHI Prize, (the topmost prize in the fiber realm of Japan), the Majestic Benefaction Invention Award (presented by Majesty Mikado Showa of Japan), and the High Molecule Institute prize (special honor in the chemistry industry).

Teviron/Neoron fiber has many useful properties such as the ability to dry quickly, insulation, and its fire retardant quality. All of these properties of the Teviron/Neoron fiber are very beneficial for human health.

How does the Teviron/Neoron fiber make the clothing unique?

  1. Excellent heat insulation – tested to be 2x warmer than wool and 3x warmer than cotton (using equal weight of tested materials)
  2. Superior water permeability – zero liquid absorption properly wicks moisture away from the body
  3. Safety – recognized as a fire retardant product


What types of products are available? 
There are five categories of the products, each is suitable for prevention and direct contact with problem areas. They are undergarments, supporters, socks, outerwear, and bedding.

How about Teviron/Neoron fiber’s ability to keep the body warm?

The Industry of Public Health Academy of Japan compared five different materials by experimenting with cotton, wool, man-made silk, Acrylic, and Teviron/Neoron. They manufactured five elbow protectors in the same manner out of each material; one arm wore the elbow protector, while the other did not. They observed the difference in the skin surface temperature of each of the two arms, at the same temperature. The result demonstrated no distinct differences between the arms at about 25 degrees Celsius; however, the temperature of the arm wearing Teviron/Neoron was much high than the other, as the control temperature descended. The other materials did not differ significantly in temperature between each of the two arms. The results indicated the ability of keeping warm with Teviron/Neoron is superior to the other materials. In other words, under general conditions, there is not a distinct temperature difference with any materials; however, once the temperature descends to a very low level; the warmth of Teviron/Neoron material will be very noticeable.

In light of all the results, Teviron/Neoron was able to dry three times quicker than cotton and two times quicker than wool. In the past, wool was considered to be the best material to keep the body warm, but now Teviron/Neoron changes this orthodox impression.


Why does Teviron/Neoron have prominent water vapor permeability and water permeability?

Researchers have tested the water vapor permeability and water permeability of clothing. In the tests, subjects wear clothing made of half Teviron/Neoron and half cotton, then the subjects run until they sweat. When humidity reaches 80%, the subjects stop running, are time tested from sweat to dry, and the result is made into a humidity percentage curve diagram. We find that Teviron/Neoron only needs about 10 minutes to dry; but cotton needs about 40 minutes.

Cotton fiber was considered to have powerful absorption, with cotton clothing absorbing better than many other fabrics; so it is commonly thought that we should wear cotton clothing in summer. In fact, cotton clothing takes up water easily, but besides absorption by the cotton fiber, water will also fill up blank spaces between cotton fibers, and evaporation is difficult. Therefore, cotton clothing retains the sweat on the skin and may feel uncomfortable.

Because the absorption rate of Teviron/Neoron is zero, when perspiration occurs, sweat hides at the back of the fiber, and the water quickly evaporates. Therefore, Teviron/Neoron clothing can make people feel comfortable and it is also beneficial for human health.

Is Teviron/Neoron pricing expensive? 
Teviron/Neoron ‘s production technique is extremely valuable. The research and development cost spent in developing this fiber and production technique, and its continuous effort to enhance the technique contributed higher cost to the product. In addition to that, all productions are done in Japan, which thereby adding an import cost to the product as well. However Teviron/Neoron products are no comparison to any regular garments in the market. By following its careful maintenance instruction, any Teviron/Neoron products can last for more than 10 years. Adding to it, from our health perspective, Teviron/Neoron products help maintain our health conditions and promote our longevity.

Can Teviron/Neoron clothing be washed in a washing machine?

If you want to wash Teviron/Neoron clothing in a washing machine, here are some suggestions for you to follow:

  1. A) Put the Teviron/Neoron clothing in a net bag and then put it into a washing machine.
  2. B) Use the delicate setting on your washing machine.
  3. C) Use a delicate rinse cycle, limit the time to 1-2min.

What are the precautions when cleaning Teviron/Neoron fiber?

Due to the manufacturing process of Teviron/Neoron products, in order to maintain their function for a long time, please pay careful attention to cleaning and conservation:

  1. A) Temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees Celsius.
    Water temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees Celsius. You may put it in the sun, but do not put it on a heat conductor, such as steel or iron. Avoid contact with extreme heat, which should shrink the fabric and affect the soft feel of the fabric by making it stiffer.
  2. B) Do not wash with other clothing.

Because Teviron/Neoron absorbs dirt from other clothing easily, wash it separately from other clothing.

  1. C) Avoid using ablution products to prevent static electricity.