Success Stories

Read more below about successful Nefful distributors.

Lung Han Tsao and Chia Chen Lee

International Honorary First Chair Consultants

Over seventeen years of dedication to the Nefful Company has made International Honorary First Chair Consultants Lung Han Tsao and Chia Chen Lee’s dreams become a reality. They have remained Taiwan’s top sales volume for over ten years and has held the NET title for over ten years. Today, both Lung Han Tsao and Chia Chen Lee travel the world inspiring thousands of people with their words of encouragement and their amazing experiences with Nefful.

“Nefful means a meaningful career and a lifetime of health and happiness.” – International Honorary First Chair Consultant


May Lin

AGM Gold & Silver President’s Achievement Award Winner

May Lin AGM joined Nefful over 8 years ago and experienced the benefits of Nefful right away. May Lin AGM has won several Area General Manager awards including the Double Gold Leadership Success, the Diamond AGM Achiever Award, Sales Award, the AGM Developer Award and several others. Her amazing leadership skills have placed her in the Diamond Club as one of Nefful’s Leading Distributors. She most enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge with her down-lines as well as the support she receives in return.

“I would like to thank the Nefful company for providing my family, my friends, and myself with a better and healthy life every day.” – May Lin AGM


Karen Yu

AGM Gold President’s Achievement Award  & MVD Winner

Since 2002, Karen Yu AGM has been a devoted NEFFUL distributor who brings style to the NEFFUL business opportunity. Karen Yu AGM has won several outstanding Area General Manager awards such as the highest qualifying level award in 2009 the Platinum AGM Achiever Award and the highest qualifying level award in 2010 the Gold AGM Achiever Award. She holds the title for AGM Monthly Valuable Distributor for earning the highest USA sales volume for 10 consecutive months since November of 2009 and she has also earned the AGM Gold Success Award and specialized product awards such as the NEWELL and NESSE Sales Award. Karen Yu AGM and her outgoing personality has taken the NEFFUL business to new levels concentrating mostly on team efforts and individuals whose main focus is health. She enjoys learning new ways to explore the health industry and believes NEFFUL is the source for success.