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Wellness- Anytime, Anywhere.

Nefful’s NEFFLON clothing and bedding lines actually improve the health of users through the use of negative ion technology – a well-researched, well-documented, completely natural process. Ions are all around us. They’re electrically charged atoms, carrying either a positive or negative charge. Negative ions, found abundantly in pine forest and near oceans are required to sustain life. When humans lack access to negative ions, body chemistry changes—changes that lead to bouts of depression, physical fatigue and anxiety. In his research report called The Power of Negative Ion Science, Clifton Jolley, PhD. states, “It is the negative ions that bring us health benefits, creating a sustained ‘feel good factor’ as they increase our capacity to use oxygen, raise levels of alertness and increase concentration.” If you would like to learn more about Negative Ions- Read more here: Negative Ion Science & Research Nefflon, living in nature’s natural healers! Nefful’s extensive line of Nefflon products employs negative ion technology to help wearers:

  • Maintain overall good health
  • Relieve aches and pains, even joint pain
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Help alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress and depression

Nefflon supplies you with negative ions at all times, delivering health benefits you never thought possible. To learn more about Nefflon and its special features- Read More about Nefflon Features>

Nefflon Products

The quality of our Nefflon clothing, bedding and accessories line is, without doubt, the best. From design to manufacturing, from purchase to daily use, these products employ the healthful benefits of negative ion technology to lessen aches, improve mood and deliver that “good-all-over-feeling” – just like a day at the beach.

Durable, fashionable, comfortable and good for you—our clothing and bedding are quite simply the best products available anywhere, at any price.

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