Nefflon Accessories

From Nefful’s sock liners, 5-toed socks to sheer pantyhose, our accessories line is not only attractive and obviously well constructed, it’s also made from Nefflon – the negative ion fabric that delivers unparalleled levels of quality construction and proven health benefits. Scarves and knit caps, shawls and gloves – all designed to deliver comfort for many years to come. Shop accessories now >

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Our Nefflon sock liners are superb for extreme weather or simply serve the function of a cozy layer before you slide under the sheets. Your spouse will appreciate the end of that ice-cube shock when your feet meet. What simple pleasures in life!


Nefflon Pantyhose and Leg Warmers!



Cleansing Cloths


Body and Facial Cleansing Cloths

Give your body more with a good cleanse with our 100% Teviron body cleansing cloth. It will gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin and provide Negative Ion benefits to improve blood circulation, open up pores, refresh and purify. Also, the 100% Teviron cleansing cloth gently provides you with a daily dose of exfoliation to help get rid of dirt, oil, and make-up.