Proud to support an active lifestyle.

It’s inevitable! Daily activities become hard as we age due to tired muscles and sore joints. Most importantly living and maintaining a healthy life becomes difficult when we have these types of problems. It disrupts our exercise routine or even simple daily activities and chores. It’s time! You no longer should suffer from poor aches and pains that hinder your active lifestyle; we are here with a support for you. Whether it’s golfing with your friends, T-Ball with the kids or just running errands around town you can still do the things you love and finally beat your aches and pains with our NEFFLON Supports.

Nefflon Supports are:

  • High-quality joint and/or muscle supports made from unique Teviron fibers for full negative ion care
  • Durable for your most strenuous activities without losing flexibility
  • Soft and comfortable to allow ease of joint rotation and to contour body shape
  • Discreet enough to wear underneath clothing
  • Versatile and perfect for pairing with any exercise attire
  • Our Supports have “Easy Wear” material, which allows for breathable comfort.
  • Most supports come with our comfort interior patch of 100% Teviron (see figure 1) woven inside for durability and firm placement to deliver all of NEFFLON’s SPECIAL FEATURES.

Supports For Your Every Need

Learn more about Nefflon supports! We have a support to fit all major joints and provide the most in care and comfort for your aches and pains in different styles and colors. Enjoy your daily activities again, do the things you want to do, take on new challenges, and go that extra mile with our Nefflon Supports. Click here to see our complete line of NEFFLON Supports and how they can help you!

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