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The new fiber “NEORON” was invented exclusively for Nefful. Both NEFFUL and TEIKEN have put forth full devotion towards the innovation of NEORON’s research and development. All our efforts have been focused on implementing NEORON into production. The new technology and research invested has suggested that NEORON creates better material blends for better products! NEORON is made from most of the same materials as Teviron (Nefflon) and retains all of its features.  Neoron’s extensive line of  products employs negative ion technology just like our old line Teviron! Neoron supplies you with negative ions at all times, delivering health benefits like never before!

What is Neoron?

  • NEORON retains all the same features as Teviron (fibers used in Nefflon)- which are Negative Static Electricity & Ions, Superior Moisture Permeability, Superb Heat Insulationand & Excellent Flame Retardancy.


Neoron’s Features

Neoron retains the same features as our other fiber, TEVIRON, found in Nefflon clothing. Here are the main features of Neoron products.





OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent test and certification system for all types of textiles tested for harmful substances. The scope of the testing encompasses raw materials, as well as all intermediate stages of production, all the way to the end product. The OEKO-TEX® 100 standard has requirements for the final product and aims to guarantee that products are free of harmful substances and therefore safe for human health and the environment too.



Neoron Products

Please call our Nefful office for distributor pricing and availability. Also, check out what’s available on Neffulshop.